Notice About Unauthorized Vendors

Official Ticket Outlet

PortTIX is the only company authorized to sell tickets to shows at Merrill Auditorium. We do not endorse the reselling of tickets by ticket brokers or agencies and tickets purchased from other sources are purchased at your own risk. By purchasing from PortTIX you can be sure that the tickets you receive are valid and are being sold to you at face value.

When you buy from an unofficial vendor:

  • We cannot guarantee that your tickets are genuine.
  • We cannot replace lost or stolen tickets.
  • You almost always will pay more than face value.
  • We cannot contact you with information on show cancellations, time changes or other useful information.
  • You are supporting businesses that make it harder for fans to see their favorite performers without paying a premium charge.

Suggestions on how to avoid “scalper” websites

Verify Websites: Scalpers spend a lot of time making sure their websites and adverts pop up first when you use a search engine. Look past the description and check out the actual name of the website before clicking (look for green font). It’s very important to re-check the website when you click the link to buy tickets. To avoid mistakenly visiting a scalper website you can add to your browser’s bookmarks or add it to your favorites for future use.

Beware high prices and few choices: If the prices seem too high or if the site is vague about the specific location of seats, it is probably a scalper site.

Take your time and ask questions: Buying tickets to an event is exciting, but it’s important to check what you’re buying. If the site seems odd, call PortTIX 207-842-0800. Alternatively, if you live near our venue, come in person. Any reliable box office will be happy to give specific answers to your questions.