PortTIX re-opens for In Person Sales at Merrill

We’re excited to share that the lobby at Merrill Auditorium is 
now open for in person sales at PortTIX after 18 months of phone service only! We are eager to welcome patrons back into the historic Merrill Auditorium in downtown Portland.

PortTIX has evolved over the course of the pandemic in many ways: introducing Mobile Ticketing, selling digital performances, and expanding our work with many local non-profit partners. We have also re-evaluated many of our policies including our patron ticket fee structure. 

New PortTIX Service Fee Structure

We are excited to introduce a new scaled fee structure where the fee amount is proportional to the ticket price. As a part of this structure, the same ticket fees will be charged for all modes of sale – online, phone, and in person. We believe that this structure is the most equitable for all purchasers, and aligns with our values and mission to connect as many people in our community to events in Greater Portland and beyond.

Fees amounts that make sense

The most consistent feedback we’ve heard about our fees over the years is that it doesn’t make sense to charge the same fee for a $20 ticket as we do for a $75 ticket – and we agree! With our new structure, the fee amount is based on the ticket price amount, so those purchasing cheaper tickets pay a lower fee, and those paying the premium for the best tickets will pay a higher fee proportionally. We think this just makes sense, and also allows our promoter organizations to make affordable ticket prices available to those that need them, and match with an affordable fee. In order to allow for the lower fees at the lower ticket prices, we have very slightly increased the fees at the higher end of the scale, as well as charging the same fees for all modes of sale, including in person sales.

Buy HOW and WHEN you want

We want to make ticket purchasing easier and more convenient for everyone! With the new fee structure, the total price including fees for any ticket will always be the same no matter how you purchase – in person, over the phone, or online! This means that you can choose how to purchase based on whatever buying experience you prefer. If you like to come down to Merrill and look at the seating chart in person with one of our ticket agents, we’ll be happy to see you. If you like to buy online and pick out the seats yourself, our website is available 24/7 with convenient features like the “View from seat” map and COVID-19 safety procedure information. If you prefer to call and speak with our ticket agents over the phone we’re more than happy to provide service that way as well. However we can serve you, we will work to provide the best experience.

Why do we charge fees?

PortTIX is a local independent small business, and the fee amount is the only portion of the ticket price that goes straight to our business. We work with many organizations that put on events at Merrill Auditorium and other venues throughout Greater Portland. Those organizations retain the ticket price, but the fees do come to us to pay our staff, operating costs, and keep our business open and serving you for your local ticketing needs. A large portion of the entertainment industry is monopolized by a few large companies (you know who we’re talking about!) and we are proud to have remained a fully independent local box office for 25 years. Our fee income is what makes that possible!

Contact PortTIX with any Questions

  • By PHONE: 207-842-0800
  • IN PERSON: 20 Myrtle Street, Portland
  • By EMAIL: boxoffice@porttix.com
  • Phone and Lobby HOURS: Monday – Friday, 11am – 3pm; and starting 90 minutes prior to each show