Ovations at Home with New York Philharmonic


This weekend, Ovations was to bring you the glorious New York Philharmonic String Quartet in a live performance at Hannaford Hall. Live performances put us in the same room as these talented musicians, and allow us to connect you to them.

Today, we’re bringing you a New York Philharmonic house concert instead.

Scroll down for videos of the quartet’s performance of Dvorak’s American Quartet No. 12 in F, Op. 96, which would have been included in this weekend’s program; and Principal Violist Cynthia Phelps in an interview on her role. In our continued attempt to provide you with an intimate interaction with the esteemed members of the quartet, we’ve also included below playlists for each of its members: Concertmaster Frank Huang; Principal Associate Concertmaster Sheryl Staples; Phelps; and Principal Cellist Carter Brey.

Part of our mission at Portland Ovations is, after 89 years of presenting concerts to Portland audiences, to continue to broaden our understanding of the western classical tradition, particularly as it relates to us today, and to the other global traditions with which it surrounds us. Read Linda Russell’s local program notes here.

Every Thursday while we must be in the mode of social distancing, Ovations at Home will bring you, via email, one of our curated performance experiences – whether something we are missing sharing together, or something new and different on our curatorial radar. We know you rely on and trust our almost 90 years of expertise to curate the multitude of offerings – whether in live performances or the virtual realm – and we will be here with you for the duration to continue to play that role.

Listen and watch the offerings below. Enjoy your Ovations at Home evening concert with the New York Philharmonic String Quartet. And please don’t forget to donate your tickets, renew your Membership, or become a Member today to ensure we’re all staying apart to come back together.


The New York Philharmonic String Quartet performs Dvořák’s American Quartet


Cynthia Phelps on her duties as Principal Viola


Click on the links below for playlists of each member of the quartet.

Principal Cello Carter Brey


Blog by Concertmaster Frank Huang

How Music and the Arts Can Comfort Us During Challenging Times

New York Philharmonic Quartet pianist and educator Huang on the ways music helps us to stay strong and find sources of comfort in a rather challenging time — and on learning Chopin’s Polonaise Fantasy, a work that the composer wrote during a period in his life that was marked in turmoil.