Ovations’ presentation of the joyous dance-party band from Los Angeles, Las Cafeteras, at Port City Music Hall has, like all other gatherings in the nation, been cancelled.

But that’s not going to stop us from helping you enjoy a Las Cafeteras dance (or listening) party at your home!

Scroll down to find a Las Cafeteras playlist, as well as three videos of the band that has “taken the music scene by storm with electric live performances that cross genres and musical borders” – including a full half hour performance!

Part of the mission at Portland Ovations is to bring the world to Maine and give us all, wherever we are from, a sense of home in and belonging to a global culture. They selected Las Cafeteras because they embody a sound that represents a fusion between Spanish, African, and indigenous musical elements. Using traditional son jarocho instruments like the jarana, requinto, quijada (donkey jawbone) and tarima (a wooden platform), the high energy group delivers a “uniquely Angeleno mishmash of punk, hip-hop, beat music, cumbia and rock” (Los Angeles Times). With inspiring lyrics sung in English, Spanish, and Spanglish, Las Cafeteras represent the next generation of globally influenced roots musicians.  

Every Thursday while we must be in the mode of social distancing, Ovations at Home will bring you one of our curated performance experiences – whether something we are missing sharing together, or something new and different on our radar. We know you rely on and trust the almost 90 years of expertise to curate the multitude of offerings – whether in live performances or the virtual realm – and they will be here with you for the duration to continue to play that role.

Listen and watch the offerings below. Enjoy your Ovations at Home dance party!