Ovations’ Bicentennial Series

A message from our friends at Portland Ovations:

We honor Maine’s 200th year of independence from Massachusetts by celebrating our state’s artists, environment, and history — both the well-known and the less visible. We began this journey September 19 with the MacArthur Fellow and Guggenheim Award winning Taylor Mac in a show tailored to this Maine milestone, one that honored Mi’kmaq elder David Lonebear Sanipass and featured local Portland singer-songwriter Alejandro Graciano in a bilingual duet with Taylor of Woody Guthrie’s classic “Don’t Fence Me In.”

Now continue down Ovations’ unique bicentennial path by attending any of the following MainStage or Ovations Offstage (O2) community activities:

Celebrate Maine artists with a world premiere performance of Sara Juli: Burnt-Out Wife.



Explore more of Maine’s hidden histories by going on our Freedom Walk  of Portland’s Underground Railroad sites lead by the Reverend Kenneth Lewis; City Councilor Pious Ali; and artist Daniel Minter; or by attending Boston Camerata: Free America.


Discover ways to maintain the special qualities of the Maine place we love in the environmental explorations of Miwa Matreyek: Glorious Visions in Animation or the International Contemporary Ensemble. 

Select four of seven performances in our Bicentennial Series
for a 10% discount. Happy #ME200!