Niyaz’s next stop is Portland, Maine!

Don’t miss the electric-acoustic sounds of Niyaz.

Captivating and ethereal, Niyaz takes folkloric sounds and poetry from their native Iran and modernizes them through contemporary technologies and ideas to create a 21st century global trance tradition that is hypnotic and ecstatic. Led by frontwoman Azam Ali’s “rich and precise voice” (NPR Music), Niyaz’s masterful blend of lush acoustic instrumentation with state-of-the-art electronica draws in fans of Middle Eastern, sacred, and alternative music. Four best-selling, critically acclaimed albums are testament to their broad appeal, which is further bolstered by their commitment to creating music that tears down cultural boundaries, connects our past to our present, and unites people through our shared humanity.

The Huffington Post calls Niyaz, “An evolutionary force in contemporary Middle Eastern music.”

Niyaz is committed to creating music with a deep social message aimed at uniting people from different cultural and religious backgrounds through our shared humanity. Guided by the mystical poetry of legendary Sufi poets and the ancient wisdom of traditional folk songs, Niyaz steps into a future that is ancient. They invite listeners to embark upon a philosophical quest into the human depths with a message of hope against injustice and oppression. It’s a universal tribute to beauty, cultural and spiritual diversity, freedom and dignity for all.

Check out Niyaz’s music video for The Triumph of Love.

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