Check Out Lindsey Stirling’s Oscar-Worthy Covers!

Lindsey Stirling and her electric violin are coming to Merrill Auditorium on August 2, and we can’t wait to dance along to her pop-tastic original music and her creative covers.

Linsdey Stirling at Merrill Auditorium



In the meantime…still riding that Oscars high from Sunday night? Give in to your movie fever and listen to Lindsey Stirling’s covers of tunes from the silver screen.

1.       The Greatest Showman may not have won on Sunday night, but this medley wins in our books. And can we give Lindsey a belated Olympic medal for dancing AND playing the violin in these heels?!:

2.       Whether you’re an Emma Watson fan-girl or a purist obsessed with the original 1991 version, Beauty and the Beast is a classic. Here’s Lindsey as a violin-rocking, fan-greeting, costume-changing, superstar Belle.

3.       Start this video for the epic New Zealand views, stay for the epic music. Magical things happen when you combine Lindsey’s medley-making talent, the Lord of the Rings score, and a helicopter.

4.       Lindsey’s collaborations with acapella singer Peter Hollens are always out of this galaxy!  Grab your light sabers and boogie along to their stellar Star Wars cover.

BONUS VIDEO! Check out “Love’s Just A Feeling” from Lindsey’s album Brave Enough. Not only is it a great song, this video has blockbuster-level production value!