Adam Trent is blowing our minds!

Check out Adam Trent’s amazing magic videos below and then get tickets today!

Broadway stars are no strangers to illusions. After all, they make magic happen onstage all the time. But when Adam Trent waltzed into the dressing rooms of Christopher Borle and Christopher Sieber, all their performance know-how went out the window. Watch them lose their minds here.


What do an iPhone 6, a blender, and a honeydew melon have in common? They all appear in this crazy trick Adam Trent did on Ellen. Shout-out to Twitch, who definitely thought he would never see his phone in one piece ever again.


Adam Trent totally freaked out Billy Bush on The Today Show when he turned a goldfish doodle into a REAL, LIVING GOLDFISH. We wonder if he could do the same thing with the cheesy snack of the same name…


Now, we have a lot of fun in our office but usually, our fun involves homemade cookies, not flaming dollar bills. At the Vanity Fair office, Adam Trent made things a little more interesting.

And finally, Adam Trent supersized random people’s iPads into Nabi Big Tabs. It’s hard to tell whether their expressions are horror at the disappearance of their new gadget, or shock at the transformation itself. Either way, it’s amazing.