Some of Bill Murray’s many surprise appearances…

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Bill Murray is coming to Merrill Auditorium! We can’t wait to see his show, which promises to be filled with music, poetry, and storytelling. Click here for ticket info. 

 Here are some other times Bill Murray unexpectedly popped by to say hello (and much more):

 1. Doing dishes at a house party in Scotland. Murray was in St. Andrews for a golf tournament back in 2006. While relaxing in a pub after a day of hitting the links, he met a Norwegian student who invited him to a party. He accepted the invitation, and, as any grateful guest would, he helped wash the dishes.

2. Making a heartfelt toast at a stranger’s bachelor party. At a restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, Murray took it upon himself to bestow some sage advice on the young men.

3. Joining a random kickball game in New York City. Celebrity sightings happen a lot in New York. But on Roosevelt’s Island? During an adult kickball game? Classic Bill Murray.


4. Serving tequila shots at a bar during SXSW. Murray slipped behind the bar much to the actual bartender’s surprise (and delight), and handed a tequila shot to anyone who ordered anything. Gin and tonic? Nah, you get a tequila shot. Lager? Not tonight! Tequila shot. Keep your day job, Bill.

5. Conducting the Cornell marching band at a football game. It all started when the Harvard band, completely oblivious to the fact that Murray was in the stands, played the Ghostbusters theme. Soon enough, he was snapping pics and climbing up to the conductor’s podium. 


6. Crashing a wedding in Hawaii. The initial confusion, exacerbated by a language barrier, ended when the wedding photographer finally recognized Murray from Caddyshack.

7. Photo-bombing a newly engaged couple. Murray got the couple’s attention by flashing his bare belly at them from the sidewalk. 

8. Serenading a 94-year-old woman at a college basketball game. Out of all the Bill Murray fans at the Xavier vs. Baylor game down in Texas, Maryellen Hook Wible caught Murray’s eye. He made her birthday extra special when he got a crowd to join him in singing to her.

9. Driving a taxi so that the actual driver could squeeze in some saxophone practice. Talk about role reversal! That’s some serious musician solidarity. 

10. Dropping in on karaoke night with some strangers. Because when Bill Murray knocks on the door to your private karaoke room, you obviously let him in. And let him buy the drinks. And let him sing anything he wants. 

Who knows what hijinks he could get into while he’s in Portland this April?! Honestly, he kind of owes us some shenanigans after he skipped #billmurraybeerweekme a few years ago…


More info about Bill’s Murray’s appearance can be found here.