We are hiring – Marketing and Sales Analyst

Who We Are: PortTIX is the official box office for Merrill Auditorium and other venues in the Portland area. We work closely with several local and national promoters as well as our two owner organizations, The Portland Symphony Orchestra and Portland Ovations. Our customer base ranges from the long time Bach aficionado, to the busy parent eager to get the best seats for the Nutcracker, to the teenager who is dying to see her first rock concert.  We are building on our reputation as a friendly, personal local businesses that can deliver first class service to our customers and promoters.

Our Goal:  We want to increase our sales, sell shows for a greater number of promoters and strengthen marketing strategies that are sound and truly data based. We have recently invested in greatly improved ticketing software and invested in greater training for our staff. We are now looking for an individual who can enable us grow and who will play a vital role in ensuring that the efforts of our three organizations are working in concert with each other.

Marketing and Sales Analyst reports to the Director of the PortTIX Box Office and works closely with the marketing staff of Portland Symphony Orchestra and Portland Ovations

Please note that not all of the these duties will be implemented at once. Tasks are presented here to give a good understanding of the scope of the position. Tasks will evolve as the Marketing Analyst grows in their position.

  • Oversee the data analysis of PortTIX and its owner organizations, Portland Ovations and Portland Symphony Orchestra.  Analyze sales trends looking for insight into pricing, buying patterns and response to marketing campaigns. Create plans to maximize income and audience attendance.


  • Work in tandem with Marketing Directors to develop and institute strategies to
    • Meet and exceed goals for audience attendance and ticketing revenue
    • Identify standard key performance indicators
    • Create strategies to capture and record data
    • Track results of marketing initiatives  


  • Identify new business opportunities for PortTIX and work with PortTIX director to develop and implement strategies to grow business.  
    • Develop plan for selling ad space on emails, website and back of tickets
    • Develop plan for in kind trade with local businesses and organizations.
    • Identify additional services that PortTIX can provide to outside promoters. Our goal is  to increase fees that PortTIX can charge for services, as well as increasing PortTIX’s effectiveness and attractiveness to promoters.


  • Collaborate with PortTIX Director to research and implement a viable plan to make PortTIX the central hub of entertainment information and ticket sales for in the Greater Portland area.


  • Find group sales prospects and increase retention among current groups.


  • Increase response rate to PortTIX emails and social media
    • Help design A/B campaigns to understand patron behavior and increase engagement.
    • Help PortTIX transition to new email platform, Wordfly, by evaluating effectiveness of the platform and developing plan to get the most of the new system.
    • Research and report on current industry standards for marketing metrics–click through rates, web traffic numbers, email open counts, etc.


  • Analyze and assist with improving PortTIX’s Website
    • Consistently monitor metrics
    • Identify any problem areas and come up with actionable plans to increase engagement with the website.
    • Work with PortTIX assistant manager to craft and implement improvements to website.
    • Please note a basic knowledge of website maintenance and willingness do some hands on work is required.  Analyst will not be responsible for directly implementing high level changes or routine updates.


  • Assist in creating and updating price maps. This will primarily consist of researching customer buying patterns and creating specific recommendations for marketing staff.


  • Collaborate with our System Administrator to ensure that we are using our Tessitura Ticketing System and its third party system to the fullest extent, especially when it comes to gathering and utilizing customer data. Pulling lists and running reports will be especially important.


  • Time management will be key as time will be divided between PortTIX, Portland Symphony and Portland Ovations.


The successful candidate will possess the following:


  • Proven experience with implementing strategies to increase profitability. Examples include, but are not limited to, dynamic pricing, incentive offers, identifying specific audience segments for targeted marketing and strategizing campaigns for niche marketing.


  • A minimum of 2-4 years experience in data/business analysis, including
    • Sales tracking, audience research and analysis
    • Analysis of marketing initiatives
    • Search engines, web analytics and business research tools
    • Solid understanding of marketing communication (direct marketing, online, advertising, social networks).


  • Ability to clearly present analysis in graphic, oral and written form.


  • Familiarity with CRM programs. Experience with Statistical Packages is a bonus, as is experience with Tessitura ticketing software.


  • Ability to quickly and thoroughly adapt to the Tessitura Ticketing system. There will be a wealth of training resources but the learning curve can be steep. Will need to develop familiarity with pulling lists and running reports.  


  • Ability to be effective in a fast-paced environment and work with a variety of staff members and departments. Candidate should be to balance multiple tasks while also helping to make sure that PortTIX and its owner organizations are moving in sync toward their common goals.


  • While this position will not be working directly with development staff from Portland Ovations and the Portland Symphony,  it will be expected that development’s needs and goals will considered when creating strategies.


  • Willingness to dive in and assist with hands on implementation strategies, as some duties are not purely centered around data research. Duties will not include directly creating creative content or graphic work.


  • A sense of humor will be key. Truly, it will.


Salary $30 per hour. Option to join employee simple IRA plan with employer 3% match.  1 Week paid vacation.


To apply please send resume (including 3 references) and letter of interest to employment@porttix.com